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Freeze Dried Sweet Corn

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Each can contains 1.25 pounds of freeze dried sweet corn. Our freeze dried sweet corn is produced in a process where moisture is removed from the freeze dried product using a very low temperature and a vacuum. Only about 3% moisture remains in the freeze dried sweet corn at the time of packaging. The end product weight is reduced by over 90%, while the volume stays the same. This remarkable process concentrates the fresh product taste, natural color, and texture of fresh sweet corn in it's freeze dried state. When you go to rehydrate it with water the product will maintain the texture and shape with no shrinking or shriveling.

The great thing about this is that freeze dried foods are less expensive to ship than wet pack food because you are not paying for all the water. The taste is great, and the nutritional food value is excellent. Freeze drying allows your food to be stored effectively for long periods of time. Our freeze dried sweet corn has a long shelf life with no additives or preservatives.

Shelf Life:

Freeze dried corn may be stored in the sealed #10 can (with included oxygen absorber packet) for 10 to 15 years under ideal storage conditions in a cool, dry place.

Shipping Notice:

Most orders ship out within 1-2 business days of being placed. Your order ships for a flat rate of $4.99 to any location within the continental United States! View additional shipping information