1 Gallon Mylar Bag with Ziplock - 5.4 Mils 10in. x 14in. x 4in.

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You have found the toughest, highest quality mylar bags on the planet. Our mylar bags have been manufactured by us from the ground up with one purpose in mind: long-term food storage. These bags can easily accommodate a 2, 4.25, 5, or 6 gallon bucket. Plus, our 10" x 14" x 4" ziplock mylar bag can be sealed up above the ziplock and when you're ready to use them, just tear off the seal and get into and out of them quickly with the ziplock.
Simply open the mylar bag in the food-grade container, place the food in the bag, add the appropriate number of oxygen absorbers, and heat seal the top shut.

More detailed instructions
Use this mylar bag to line your pails and other food storage containers to create an oxygen, moisture, and temperature barrier between your food and the environment. Use the supplied ziplock at the top to get into and out of the bag quickly
This mylar bag is an industry setting standard of 5.4 mils thick and includes a complete aluminum center layer (.00035). The outer dimensions of this pouch-style bag measure 10" x 14" x 4" and includes space above the heavy-duty ziplock to heat seal the bag.
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