Twister Seal Lids

Twister Seal Lids Individual Colors

Twister Seal Lids Individual Colors Six (6) Pak

Twister Seal Lids Individual Colors Twelve (12) Pak

The Twister Seal Lid

The Twister Seal lid is a unique solution to the exasperating finger-nail breaking lids of yesteryear. A pail without a lid is only so useful... while a pail with a Twister Seal lid can be used limitlessly! The Twister Seal lid is not only re-sealable, but the heavy duty construction allows it to be reusable. Easily RE-SEALS your pail! or Transforms your clean pail into an airtight STORAGE CONTAINER! Over 150 million 5-gallon pails are manufactured each year. Millions are discarded due to the absence of an easy re-sealing lid. The Twister Seal lid transforms most 12" diameter plastic pails into leak proof, airtight storage containers that protect the contents from exposure to the environment.

Transforms a Clean Pail into a Storage Container

Pails make excellent storage containers for the garage or pantry. The Twister Seal lid is an economical alternative for organizing and storing most anything. The Twister Seal lid does not require cutting tools or lid removers to open. The lid is removed with a gentle turn of the wrist.