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Nuwick 120 Hour Candles - Nuwick candles

Note: These candles have been discontinued
Nuwick candles - 120 hour emergency candles

These are unique candles employing a moveable, re-useable wick. You can use a single wick, 2 or 3 at a time. By using the additional wicks you increase the light and heat output for cooking and light for reading, etc. Only two wicks are normally used for cooking. As an example you boil water in 14 minutes, or fry an egg in 5 minutes. They use specially formulated paraffin that exceeds the purity of ordinary candles. They are fully FDA approved (food grade) and are non-toxic. LIGHT. HEAT. COOK. Boil water in 14 minutes. Fry an egg in 5 minutes. Each lead-free, totally non-toxic, moveable, reusable and waterproof wick will burn 25-40 hours. Use up to a maximum of three (3) wicks simultaneously, depending on the task. Only two (2) wicks needed for cooking

Physical Data:

2 3/8" high, 4 1/8" wide Wt: 16 oz. Candle includes 6 movable wicks, tweezers for picking them up and 20 wooden matches.

Information off the side of the can...


If more light, heat or cooking is desired, place 2 wicks on wax base. Each wick gives over 20 hours of burning. Using more wicks cuts down hours of usage.


Do not use Nuwick near wood or other flammable substances. Safety counts!


6 moveable wicks, wax base, tweezers and matches.


Using tweezers, light Nuwick and place on wax base. Move wicks with tweezers frequently for even burning and maximum light. To extinguish, place flame into liquid, then place on dry wax base.

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