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Mountain House Hamburger Patties with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

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Our freeze dried Mountain House Hamburger Patties with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes dinners have several advantages over other food preservation methods. Frozen foods retain fresh flavor and nutritional value, but require uniform, low temperature storage conditions. Dehydrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but high-temperature processing can degrade flavor, texture and nutritional content. Freeze-drying combines the best of these processing methods. It preserves freshness, color and aroma similar to frozen food, while providing the shelf-stable convenience of canned or dehydrated food. Freeze-dried foods taste fresh, look fresh, weigh less than fresh, and stay fresh.


Two flame-broiled beef patties; mashed potatoes with cheese and broccoli


Potato Flakes, Cheese Blend* (cheddar, granular, and blue cheeses [milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes], buttermilk, whey, butter, salt, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, sodium phosphate, whey protein concentrat

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