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Rumford Baking Powder

Rumford Baking Powder

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Baking Powder - Rumford Baking Powder 16 oz. #2.5 Can (U035)


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Baking Powder - Rumford Baking Powder 80 oz. #10 can (J051)


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Baking Powder - Rumford Baking Powder 6 x #2.5 cans (U034)


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Baking Powder - Rumford Baking Powder 6 x #10 cans (J052)


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Please note that we private label the Rumford Baking Powder we purchase from the manufacturer

Rumford Baking Powder is the leading orthophosphate baking powder in the United States today and the number three branded baking powder overall. Years of testing resulted in a precise formulation to ensure that your baked goods are consistent in quality and uniformity, batch after batch. Hulman & Co. acquired the Rumford brand when it purchased the Rumford Chemical Works of East Providence, RI in 1950. The Rumford brand name comes from Count Rumford (né Benjamin Thompson), a gifted inventor and scientist.

As an all-phosphate baking powder, Rumford Baking Powder does not contain any aluminum. This property makes it somewhat faster acting than typical double-acting baking powders. You'll still see a boost of leavening in the oven, but most of the reaction occurs in the mixing bowl. While this makes a more delicate crumb structure in the finished product, do not dawdle. Work quickly for best results.

For many years, we have manufactured high quality products for health conscious consumers under the Rumford name. Rumford Naturals products are made from all natural ingredients, with non-aluminum baking powder and whole grains. Rumford Naturals Cornbread & Muffin Mix is the first in our new line of healthful, tasty and convenient baking mixes. Watch for new products under the Rumford Naturals label coming soon. (from the manufacturer's website)

Rumford Baking Powder is equal to double acting baking powders and is fast acting. In fact, for some people's liking maybe too fast. Two-thirds of Rumford's reaction takes place in your mixing bowl. The other 1/3 takes place in the oven. The reason most baking powders use bitter tasting sodium aluminum sulfate (which Rumford doesn't have) is because this element delays to a minimum the reaction between the water and the powder until it goes into the oven. (More about this later...) When using Rumford Baking Powder, mix all your dry ingredients together, then add your wet ingredients at the end. Don't stir your batter more than necessary after adding the water. Further mixing will have a tendency to stir out some of the forming carbon dioxide bubbles created between the baking powder and the water in your batter. So, without spending more time than necessary, stir the batter until smooth, put it into the pan and bake it immediately.

Moisture is baking powder's worst enemy to long storage life. Over the months, even the humidity in the air can react with the active ingredients in the baking powder and decrease it's effectiveness. Rumford only guarantees their baking powder for 24 months but they acknowledge in many instances it will test good well past this time. We at Walton's think it will last for a lot longer than this, especially in dry climates. Rumford's 5 lb. cans are not hermetically sealed because they would eventually bulge from the gradually generating carbon dioxide gas within the baking powder. (However, our #2.5 cans of Rumford Baking Powder are hermetically sealed.) Rumford feels the seal is generally good enough that it won't permit moisture from the normal humidity in the air from entering the can and degrading the product. What tests can you make on old baking powder to check for wholesomeness? After you open the can, check for lumps. It should be in a nice, fine powder. During storage, if it absorbs too much moisture, it tends to lump. If it passes this test, put one teaspoon of Rumford into hot water. It should give you a nice, healthy fizz. If it does, it still has it's life.

Rumford now uses nothing but corn starch that's made from non-genetically modified corn. This kind of corn starch is getting increasingly hard to find. This new change went into effect in October, 2000, and shows just one more example of Rumford's real dedication to supplying us with a product that's totally safe and wholesome.

Rumford Baking Powder is gluten-free and certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

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