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Please put the question to the **, **,*misc.survivalism*, *alt.survival* or *misc.rural* Usenet newsgroups. You could even resort to the tried and true method, a book.

The following is a list of books that I have found to have useful information. It is by no means an exhaustive list on the subject. If you have books you would like to suggest, please feel free to e-mail me with the particulars. If you can please include the same kind of information about the book in question as you see below, particularly the ISBN #, if it has one.


A YEAR'S SUPPLY; Barry G. & Lynette B. Crockett; 1988; ISBN# 0-915131-88-9; Available form the author at P.O. Box 1601, Orem, Utah 84057 and available in some stores. Publisher's Press.

BOOK OF TOFU, THE; William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi; 1975; ISBN#0-345-35181-9; Ballantine Books.

BUILD YOUR ARK! Book 1: Food Self-Sufficiency; Geri Guidetti; 1996; ISBN# 0-938928-01-5; Published by the author; The Ark Institute, P.O. Box 142, Oxford, Ohio 45056;; E-mail to

COOKIN' WITH POWDERED MILK and COOKIN' WITH POWDERED EGGS; Peggy Layton; Both 1994; No ISBN; Available from the author P.O. Box 44, Manti, Utah, 84682.

COOKIN' WITH HOME STORAGE; Vicki Tate; 1993; ISBN# none; Published by the author; Address: 302 East 200 North, Manti, Utah, 84642; Tel # (801) 835-8283

COUNTRY BEANS; Rita Bingham; 1996; ISBN 1-882314-10-7; Published by Natural Meals In Minutes 30500 SE Jackson Rd, Gresham, OR 97080.

CREATING THE COMPLETE FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM; Skipper Clark; 1996; No ISBN; Available from the author, Sierra Sun Publishing, P.O. Box 6209, Oroville, CA 95966

HOME FOOD SYSTEMS; Edited by Roger B. Yepsen, Jr.; 1981; ISBN# 0-87857-325-9; Rodale Press.

HOW TO DEVELOP A LOW-COST FAMILY FOOD-STORAGE SYSTEM; Anita Evangelista; 1995; ISBN 1-55950-130-8; Loompanics Unlimited.

HOW TO DRY FOODS; Deanna DeLong; 1992; ISBN 1-55788-050-6; HP Books

KEEPING FOOD FRESH; Janet Bailey; 1985; ISBN# 0-385-27675-3; Doubleday & Co.

KEEPING THE HARVEST; Chioffi and Mead; 1991; ISBN# 0-88266-650-9; Storey Communications.

LIVING WELL ON WHEAT; Geri Guidetti; 1997; ISBN 0-938928-02-3; Published by the author; The Ark Institute, P.O. Box 142, Oxford, Ohio 45056; ; E-mail

MAKING THE BEST OF BASICS - FAMILY PREPAREDNESS HANDBOOK; James T. Stevens; 1996; ISBN #1-882723-25-2; Gold Leaf Press or from the author: 15123 Little Wren Lane, San Antonio, TX 78255; E-mail

MARLENE'S MAGIC WITH FOOD STORAGE; Marlene Petersen; 1991; No ISBN; Published by the author; Marlene's Magic, 4958 Alpine Circle Highland, Utah 84003

NUTRIENT CONTENT OF THE U.S. FOOD SUPPLY, 1909-1988; 1992; Nutrient Education Division; Human Nutrition Information Service of the USDA.

NUTRITIVE VALUE OF AMERICAN FOODS; Catherine S. Adams; 1975; No ISBN; USDA Handbook No. 456

PERMACULTURE BOOK OF FERMENT & HUMAN NUTRITION, THE; Bill Mollison; 1993; ISBN 0-908228-06-6; Tagari Publications

PUTTING FOOD BY; Greene, Hertzberg and Vaughn; 1982 (14th edition); ISBN# 0-525-93342-5; Penguin Group.

RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCES (The RDA Book); National Research Council; 1989(10th edition); ISBN 0-309-046335 (paper); National Academy Press

ROOT CELLARING (1994); Mike and Nancy Bubel; ISBN 0-88266-703-3.

TOFU & SOYFOODS COOKERY; Peter Golbitz; 1998; ISBN 1-57067-050-1; Book Publishing Company; P.O. Box 99, Summertown, TN 38483

WHOLE GRAINS; Sara Pitzer; 1981; ISBN #0-88266-251-1; Garden Way Books


Consumer Information Center, Department EE, Pueblo CO 81009. Ask for the Consumer Mailing List Catalog. You can order those nifty USDA pamphlets from this catalog.

Check your extension service office for pamphlets, which can usually be bought for a dollar or so. Especially important for high altitude canning, getting recipes specific for locale, even information on U-Pick sites and local farmers' markets.

Controlling Indianmeal Moths in Stored Shelled Corn and Soybeans; Phil Harein and Bh. Subramanyam; FS-0996-A-GO Revised 1990 Minnesota Extension Service, University of Minnesota

FOOD STOCKPILING FOR EMERGENCY SHELTERS; Food and Materials Division, Commodity Stabilization Service, USDA, April 1961]

Food Storage In The Home FN502; Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin

Frequently Asked Food Questions FN 250; 1993 Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin

Molds And Mycotoxins In Feeds; C.M. Christensen, C.J. Mirocha, R.A. Meronuck; FO-3538-C-GO 1988; Minnesota Extension Service, University of Minnesota

Molds In Grain Storage; Richard A. Meronuck; FO-0564-C-GO; Revised 1987; Minnesota Extension Service, University of Minnesota

Nonfat Dry Milk FN142; Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin

Use of Oxygen Absorbers in Dry Pack Canning; Albert E. Purcell, Theodore C. Barber, John Hal Johnson; Benson Quality Assurance Laboratory Department of Food Science, Brigham Young University

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