Comments On Seed Viability

fter researching for several years on the BEST way to process grains and legumes for storage and later sprouting, I found that SOME people had trouble sprouting wheat no matter what storage method they used. So what's the problem????

I tested 30-year old wheat that was treated with dry ice. It sprouted in 2 days...exactly the same time it took for newly harvested wheat.

I also tested Nitrogen-Packed lentils that I was told would not sprout. They also sprouted in 2 days.

I believe the PROBLEM is that the wheat (or whatever) wasn't capable of sprouting in the FIRST place. I always recommend that people test a sample of anything they hope to sprout later.

Yes, the oxygen DOES need to be drawn out to keep the food FRESH, AND to keep the critters from having a heyday.

BAY LEAVES help when there's no infestation to begin with (usually you can't SEE it, but the eggs are just waiting to hatch), but dry ice and oxygen absorbers are far more reliable.

Rita Bingham