The New Passport To Survival

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12 Steps to Self-Sufficient Living by Rita Bingham and Esther Dickey The basic premise of this book is that for everyone, even for us who live in bounteous America, the time will probably come when food and other necessities are unobtainable. This situation may be brought about by any one of a number of causes - personal sickness or injury, unemployment, war, riot, transportation strikes, and so on. Our urban society is particularly vulnerable.

Now you can learn to be self-sufficient in 12 easy steps:
  • How to Afford and Maintain A Year's Supply
  • Building Your How-To Library
  • What To Store and Where To Store It
  • Water - Storing and Treating
  • What FOODS To Eat and Why
  • Food Preparation Equipment
  • Recipes - The Switch to Whole Foods
  • Keeping Clean - Sanitation
  • Energy - Keeping Warm or Cool
  • Emergency Doctorin'
  • Gardening & Sprouting
  • 72-Hour Emergency Kits

With such a small percentage of our population engaged in farming, any interruption in the supply of food would cause markets to empty within hours and people would be unable to acquire even the most basic foods. With little storage space and even less extra cash to purchase extra food, what foods can we store? Rita will teach you how to use the seven "emergency" foods - Grains, Legumes, Sprouting Seeds, Oil, Powdered Milk (or alternate sources of calcium and protein), Honey, and Salt - to prepare appetizing meals in normal times in preparation for a survival diet. She presents creative ways to serve down-to-earth meals, demonstrating the tremendous versatility of these simple foods. With her suggestions, you can have your own well-stocked pantry... ready for any emergency, whether you are faced with a minor or major disaster.
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