White Premium Lid for 4.25, 5, or 6 Gallon Food Storage Bucket

Manufacturer: Encore Plastics Corp
Price: $1.57
Item #: 18-03-006
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Our premium white lid with rubber gasket included that creates an airtight seal for optimal long-term food storage.
Line your food storage buckets with a mylar bag by opening the bag in the bucket, place the food in the bag, add the appropriate number of oxygen absorbers, and heat seal the top shut. Check to make sure that the seal in intact after a few days and seal the bucket with a lid. You can also store several smaller mylar bags of food on your bucket rather than one single larger bag for convenience. After your food storage buckets are filled, place the lid on the rim of the bucket and using a rubber mallet work around the lid until it is securely in place.

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